July, 28th 2017

Fire prevention in owner’s communities

Fire prevention in owner’s communities
To avoid fire possibility and reduce this risk we must know perfectly what kind of security measures can be established in the building according to their structural characteristics. Its dimensions, especially when speaking of large owner’s communities, often determine what kind of instruments can be used to prevent or detect the presence of fire.

What kind of measures must be adopt for prevention:

Fire extinguishers and hoses, general protection

This type of fire protection systems are the basic and essential elements of any security method to establish. Especially because the intention is to be useful to anyone in a imminent danger situation. Presence of fire extinguishers is mandatory on every floor, placed every 15 meters (at least) from the exit or the evacuation zone.


The hoses, meanwhile, must be placed in areas with especially high fire risk. These areas are storage rooms, poorly ventilated garages, boiler rooms, fuel tanks or gas and electricity meters.

The building’s height establish the fireproof systems must be placed.

Law establishes various methods of prevention based on the dimensions of the building. That’s why, if the building evacuation area height exceeds 80 meters, It will require an automatic extinguishing system. Even more, if each of its floors height exceeds of 28 meters, is necessary to incorporate an emergency elevator too.

The fire detection alarms will be mandatory if the evacuation height of the building exceeds the limit of 50 meters. If all the building area is between 5.000 and 10.000 sqm, is mandatory to place (at least) one external hose.


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Fire prevention in owner’s communities
Fire prevention in owner’s communities

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